why do you want your ex back?

that's a question you should ask yourself before asking how to get her back.

the answer is simple, most people who want their ex back are blinded by fear.

the fear that you may never find a woman of like quality, the fear of being lonely, the fear of change.

these fears all come from one thing and one thing only; a lack of self-confidence.

a confident man should never be afraid of change. instead, welcome the power it gives you.

lets face it, being single is not all that bad. some would argue that being single is actually better than being in a relationship.

you don't have to impress anyone, you are a free man!

of course you will want to find another relationship, I'm not advocating that you should stay single for the rest of your life. I just want you to realize that its not all that bad.

I want you all to have the confidence to say to yourself "I really don't need her that much"

have the self-confidence to walk away from your ex and not beg for her to take you back.