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    Default Girl from Work ... Rekindle Attraction

    I'll lay it on you and I won't be modest, so I can cut the shit and get to the point - I'm a good looking guy. I have a dream of being a professional MMA fighter and I'm damn good at grappling (god damn, does this help in the bedroom).

    I work at a 5 star restaurant and the girls are FINE. I'm friends with a lot of them, but recently I've been seeing this 18 yr old hostess. We've been on 3 dates... from the first date, we've made out hard, second date we did MDMA together and slept in my bed and talked for like 5+ hours on a deep level, and the third date, we split a box of wine and farked like animals... She LOVED it. Every minute of it.

    Pretty much, my value is high in her eyes. Recently, I've been wanting to get more serious with her and I made the move of asking her to be exclusive with me, and in return I'd be exclusive with her and telling her that I like her (because I do, but fark that's AFC). I think the drugs and the sex made me believe that she was in love with me and I know now that I simply fooled myself. She instantly got turned off and told me that we can only be friends now.

    Her text said,

    "As much fun as friends with benefits is, especialy with you because the friend aspect is actually there and the benefits are SO farkIN GOOD, it never ends well. In a way, our personalities mesh so well and you're super interesting idk... but at the core, I think we're too different. Would you consider yourself an alpha male? I know I would. But that's not always a good thing... We need to stop this, I do want to talk with you still... etc... LJBF" Blah blah blah.

    I responded with,

    "I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of talking with me, if that's how you feel. You really aren't worth my time. I like you, but I don't love you and I will find someone to replace you, sooner than later... You're a good person, but a girl nonetheless - you don't know what you want. I don't blame you, that's how girls are. I played my hand too early and got burned, but as far as I am concerned, this is only a game. I fold. Lose my digits."

    Then she went on about some stuff like she has absolutely no regrets and that I'm awesome and the sex is amazing, but no, and I told her to stop messaging me.

    I have a work party coming up in two weeks... and the work parties are always notorious for people getting sloppy... I was considering just talking to other girls from work (I mean, what else is there) and possibly trying to hit her up later that night. I'm gunna cut off contact until then... Show her that she really is just an option that I wanted.

    I was considering going up to her if she ends up grinding against another dude and just kissing her in front of him... I'm not afraid of the consequences... Is this an alpha move, or is this stupid as fark?

    Thanks for the advice, guys.

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    Default Re: Girl from Work ... Rekindle Attraction

    This is so bad on so many levels. I'm talking sexual harassment charges, you could lose friends at work if she decides she hates you, you could lose your job if you have a falling out and she tries to say get you in trouble at work. It sounds all around bad. It sounds like you have a good job, sh1t will probably hit the fan if she loses interest again & if you're inner-game isn't tight...Holy drama at work. Your boss will definitely have a talk with you too if he/she finds out.

    But I like the balls it took to do it and your attitude. You literally sound like me. Lol
    This honestly sounds exactly like a situation I'm currently in at work. Only I didn't tell her that I have feelings for her like you did, & I haven't f-closed her yet. Just everything else. First date we got drunk and cuddled all night and day and messed around HARD. I didn't push for the f-close like an idiot but oh well. My mistake.
    Now she's playing hard to get. Which is kinda amusing but mentally draining and time consuming.
    So I'm curious to what other people will say about this.

    Here's my advice.
    No contact until party period. At work be polite and cordial.
    DO NOT JUST WALK UP TO HER AT THE PARTY AND JUST KISS HER. That is dumb and not "alpha" in any way. It's kinda creepy and bad all around.
    Bring a girl to the work party. Just do it. social proof, she can easily wing you, it's more fun, pre-selection. Make sure she's cute but preferably you are JUST friends with. If you can't get a girl then no big deal.
    At the party just hangout & be fun and flirty with her. Like you don't care and are just trying to have fun. Kino her like an old friend. Then tell her you need to tell her something secret. Isolate her to a room, & try to escalate there to sex. If she's been drinking you should be able to get somewhere.
    Then don't text her again until the next time you see her at work. No matter what no texts back unless it's seriously important or she wants sex. At this point her emotions should be secretly running wild. Be very aloof until then. At work when you see her be nice, & flirty/fun & tease her. BIG EMPHASIS on being fun and teasing her in a fun way. Then try to extend the interaction after work. Tell her she's coming to an awesome party after work with you and that's that.
    If she says no, (she shouldn't) just act like it's no big deal and go back to acting aloof.
    She'll eventually crack if you tease her and flirt enough and won't know WTF is going on with you. Just keep being persistant and patient. Don't invite her out every time you see her but be persistant. I really wanna emphasize that you do not ask her to hangout or tell her you wanna take her on a date. No more talking about feelings ever. You only invite her to join you places or join you to do something. Or you tell her she's going to do something in a direct fun way. That's it. Preferably after work the same night.
    What's the worst that could happen? The worst thing is she gives you the LBJF somehow which you can easily still get around.. Oh my god that is just so
    That's my advice. I'd like to hear other opinions or strategies.

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