Hey guys. Basically, this is what's happened the past few months.

We dated for four months. At least from what I can piece together, it ended because it became stagnant and lost it's excitement, and I had a vision of it being a more committed relationship than she wanted it to be. So, that summer, I spent my time working on myself. Dated around, worked out, read quite a bit of PUA material, completely changed my wardrobe, etc. I went no-contact for awhile. I broke it every now and then, but I reinitiated contact over winter break. We talked quite a bit, and eventually I asked her if she'd join me for coffee once she got back from vacation. Once she got back, there were a few days of absolutely terrible cold, followed by finals. Finals are over today, and we are leaving on a school trip as soon as we finish our last final. Now, I want to try to initiate something. The problem is, I'm not sure how I should work the social dynamic here. I have a few options:

-I could try to sit next to her on the bus. The problem with that is there's a decent chance some of her friends may try to sit with her, so it may look too needy if I try to get that seat.

-I could initiate a conversation some time during the stuff we do during the day. Again, the problem is she's going to be with her friends, and there isn't really that great of a chance of me being able to talk with her alone.

-Another possible option would be convincing her to sneak out after curfew with me. There are two main problems here. Firstly, she doesn't like to break rules. I'm not sure how successful I'd be in trying to convince her to sneak out, and I'm afraid it may look like I'm begging her. Another thing, is that may seem too much like a romantic advance and scare her off.

As of right now, those seem like my three options if I want to initiate anything with her during this trip. We're both very busy with school and other things, so this is probably going to be our best chance of hanging out.

Then, there's always the problem of what to talk about. I've been reading some posts on here, but a lot of it seems to be what to do after no contact. Although it's definitely not a regular pattern by any means, we've been texting back and forth a little bit. Do I behave like how I did when we first met/started dating? Do I adopt a whole new psyche and try to attract her that way?

Any help or advice would be great. Thanks!