Hi everyone,

About 6 months ago I started to date a woman ,we stayed like 4 months together and as I was not making things evolving in regard to show my felings she decided to split with me to make it short.
The issue is that after a week without seeing each other we came back together but on uncommitted bases,It did last about a month like that but now she got fed up of the situation to friends with benefit as she was hoping more from me.
Over the week end we exchanged some test message in this regard she was going in all kind of direction as she felt I guess frustrated and really confused about what what happenning between us.

The last message she sent was the following one: (I did not reply to it)

The only distress I feel comes from loving you and feeling at a loss with it.I still think highly about you,i m not angry with you.I m just trying to deal with what s in front of me.and I will.I just need space to move on.I can t be friend right now.take care pls and hope you find what you re looking for xx.

From my side I really love her but have problem to express it to her,I m feeling not available in my head but not because of her.
I alreday told her that I really wanted to be with her but I don t feel available that i m kind of stuck.For her she feels unsafe about the situation she already told me and I can not blame her for that as everything is coming from me,bloked for some reasons...

For my part I feel that the last text she sent me is definitive...

What do you think about that guys?Have you ever experienced a relationship where you really love the woman but feel bloked and loosing her?and how did you get her back?

Thanks for your time