Ok, so not really an ex but ex-fwb type situation.

We were seeing each other for 3months, both developed feelings for each other, she put the label talk on me while drunk which ended in a fight, it dragged on for 3weeks and in the end I went & saw her at her place to tell her I wanted to give us more time, she said she had already set herself up for it to finish and didn't think it would work out now.

So I Pretty much followed Cody's thread to a T (most of which before I had even read it). Went NC, blew up Facebook - was out with a bunch of her pole dancing friends on the weekend and they posted a heap of photos with me in them.

Anyway so yesterday at like 7:30am and completely out of nowhere she sent me a snapchat:
Her: So you're totally in my top friends :P <- talking about her snapchat friends list
Me: Aww you're so sweet haha
Her: I wouldn't call me sweet :/ <- I thought about asking her why, but decided to try and keep it light & fun
Me: Haha your eyes totally give u away!!
Her: I don't understand :/
Me: Haha shock me!! You're eyes give away that you're not sweet.
And then something from her about having evil eyes or somesh1t, to which I just didn't reply.

Then today she sent me another random msg at like 8am that was apparently a reply to a picture I sent her like a month ago. I can post the convo if it helps?
After about a dozen or so txt's I could sense something was up so I asked her if everything was alright and she sent me a huge reply (I'll spare you the details) saying she is stressed, injured (has a pole comp coming up she can't train for) and her friends are going through some shit as well.
I replied with:
Me: Haha and here I was thinking you might want 2do something fun this w/e <- not sure if this was a good way to ask her out?
Her: Haha I'm always up for fun but I might just happen to be a crazy bitch is all

So a couple of questions:
How do you read the last couple of interactions? Do you think she is keen to try again or am I looking too much into it?

I would like some sort of game plan for when we do actually hang out. Do I keep it short & sweet, and not make any moves. Or do I suggest maybe dinner and a movie at my place or hers and try and close there?

I tried to keep this as short as possible so let me know if it needs more information.