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    Default Its been almost 3 years; how to re-initiate contact?

    Almost three years ago, I dated a girl for three months. It was the best relationship I have ever had. However, back then I was AFC and got very emotional, needy & clingy. Eventually, the "perfect" relationship collapsed.

    However, she ended it saying she wanted to remain friends and that we could still do "everything we use to do," just without the label. I refused and went n/c for a few weeks. When I finally asked my ex to coffee to "catch up" about two months after the break-up, she said I was right and that we both needed time to move on. Being the AFC that I was, I wrote her a letter calling her a hypocrite and basically bringing out all the things I hated about her. (I regret this so much.) The only thing I am proud of is that I never begged her to get back with me.

    Needless to say we both graduated and went our separate ways. She would still say hi to me when she saw me so it wasn't like she hated me.

    Problem is, recently I have gotten an urge to reinitiate contact and I want to meet up with her. My immediate goal isn't to get back with her, but I want to open that door again.

    Is this a lost cause or can I still salvage this? How would I proceed to reinitiate contact?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Its been almost 3 years; how to re-initiate contact?

    This is honestly an easy answer:

    contact her.

    It sounds like you two ended things on fairly decent terms, despite your slip up. especially if she was still being nice and saying hello when youd see each other, I would assume bridges arent burned, just not used anymore.

    How can you contact her? Email? phone call? Txt? Facebook? Skype?

    I would use a digital format, facebook or email her. Its very non-personal and feels very casual.

    "Hey (girl), I saw (insert thing that relates to her) and it made me think about you, it's been a long time. How have you been?"

    etc etc.

    make it short, make it casual, and have zero expectations. Doing so will allow you to present yourself to her without any signs of desperation etc, giving you max potential of a response.

    from there just gauge how things go, It sounds like at the bare minimum you should be able to rekindle a casual friendship

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