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    Post Getaway for a grl trying to "get away"

    So ive been talkin to this girl for a couple months. Everythings been going great. Some bumps in the road but nothing I felt was a huge deal breaker. She even told me the last week she likes where we are going and could see us dating down the road. So we planned on going to Florida together. Family owns a place and I needed a break from work. Well we have everything booked and now she hardcore flakes out on me. I guess she bumped into some dude this week and they ended up hooking up. She said she enjoyed his "passion" and wanted to be friends with me all while talking to this dude.

    Naturally i'm pissed that 1.) she slammed on the breaks when it came to us out of nowhere 2.) Clearly she likes the attention, she is a 9 so she gets it often 3.) now I have the orbiter that made a move and nailed it kicking me off the throne.

    So what do you think guys. She is torn about all this. She told me that she still wants to go with me. I told her i dont want boundaries. When we go if I want to kiss her or hold her hand I should be allowed to without care. She said she has to think about that.

    What would you guys do? Trip is pretty much booked at this point. I'm ready to Freeze Out. Ive made my plans known that im bouncing if she is. She doesnt want to lose me.

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    Default Re: Getaway for a grl trying to "get away"

    I'm trying to figure out what you guys have done so far. You say you have been speaking for a couple months, but have you been sleeping together?

    If not, I have some bad news... That new guy she just met isn't the orbiter. You are. You should have moved things much faster because there was no excitement hence no attraction. Plenty of comfort, for sure, but the problem was with attraction.

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