Hey Gents,

My ex and I broke up 2-3 months ago, we were together for 2 years. It was really tough on me since I did not see it coming. I think the reason we broke up was because I was becoming quite an AFC towards the end of the relationship. After the breakup I went into no contact and started texting after 4 weeks, her responses were neutral to positive. However I decided it had no use to continue texting since she was going to move to another country shortly after that.
I have been with some women in the last couple of weeks but I is not fulfilling because I still love my ex. This made me realize I want her back. As for now, she is still abroad and probably will be for another half year. What is the best strategy to get her back? Should I re-initiate the contact while she is abroad, or wait for her to get back? I think she is not the kind of girl that rushes into a relationship, so I'm not really worried she will meet someone during this period, however I am worried that her feelings for me will diminish even further because I am not around her at the moment.

Please help me out, thanks!