I have been dating this girl on the side (friend with benefits, FWBs, because we are both on relationships) for about nine months, and everything has been great. Surprisingly, two months ago she even confessed to me that she was in love with me.
Everything seemed great!
There is a drawback though, she is extremely career focused and it also appears to be very difficult to elicit any kind of romantic devotion in this woman.
That is ok, because what I want is to stay only as FWBs with her.
But, lately, she has been losing interest in sex with me.
Indeed, recently, she has been only approaching me to talk about work only; and whenever I move to the topic of us having sex again, she changes subject.
Despite that, a couple of times I eventually succeeded in sleeping with her on the fly.
However, if I try to make plans for it with her, she changes topic and does not allow the conversation to evolve.
That is creating problems for me because the frequency of us doing it, has been decreasing dramatically recently.
Nevertheless, she is still very much interested in talking to me about professional topics only, and keeps chasing me for professional validation and counselling. Yes, I know she has been using me - she has been using my expertise, knowledge, and counselling to advance her career. I am ok with that, because I was getting what I wanted.
What I want if for our FWBs to continue indefinitely. But I am afraid, this is slowly sliding into a “just friends” relationship.
What should I do to put this back into the FWBs frame?