Alright so basically I dated this girl for about a year after the first like 6 months I started to cave and became kind of a bitch. She kept asking me things like "do you even like me?" etc. so I felt like I should show her that I did like her, and did textbook beta shit. and even worse, I let her affect the decision of where I went to college. I mean it was a good choice in the end, love it here. so right before I went off to college, she was already moved away and she texts me and says that we should breakup because I was too controlling, over reacted etc.. I think I had a good reason for most of the time, she went to a bar with three men and I just told her I wasn't okay with it. after that we both just started getting distant. After that I was heartbroken etc, wanted to get back with her. ended up using no contact and all that, and it worked. she keeps trying to meetup with me and hangout and all that. but im not sure its a good time to even start seeing her again because she lives like 2 hours aways and it would be LDR, which isn't what I want. But I do want to get back with this girl, next year she is moving to where I am for college. which was the original plan. Im just wondering whether I should hangout with her when she asks and risk me becoming a bitch again or just completely cut her out of my life and go bang sloots until she is actually in the same town as me.