I dated a girl for the first six months of 2013. We kind of drifted apart at the end and I wasn't shedding any tears. She would email me once in a while over the summer and I answered about half of them. Last September she sent me an email to get a drink. I met her and we fooled around a little, but nothing major. I saw her again in December, similar circumstances except this time I felt very attracted to her and suggested that we give it another shot. She said that she's think about it and about a week later she said the timing wasn't right. Again, I didn't really take it too badly as I was seeing plenty of other girls since we broke up.

Every so often we would email - sometimes sexual stuff - but never got together again, A couple of months ago, I started having feelings for her again, so I put a stop to the emailing and with the exception of one email from her in September ("how are you doing" and "hope you had a great summer" type stuff) which I answered "thanks, same to you" we have no other correspondence.

We have no heavy drama or ill will between us and I'd like to give it another shot with her. I have not initiated any contact with her in over 3 months and answered her initiated contact as blandly as possible.

Any ideas for my best move? I also see that she is active on dating sites, so I assume she's single.