Hey guys,

So I know 90% of this site is geared toward straight relationships but I was wondering if anyone has any PUA advice for a gay member. Dude and I were talking around 7 months when he decided to call it quits. It was a little bit hard because he has a kid from a previous relationship and we both work a lot at random hours so hanging out or going out was tough. He was and still is in many ways closeted. I was his first connection in this city and i showed him all the gay clubs and bars.

Well he always had a wandering eye for others and finally several months ago revealed he would rather be out partying and meeting other guys rather than be with me. Naturally I was hurt but I did my best to walk away. We went no contact for a week, he text me saying he doesn't want me to go so like a beta bitch i came back, always texting and calling which pushed him away again. fast forward a month of barely any in person contact and a few texts and calls here and there. He told me the big one. HE WANTS TO ONLY BE FRIENDS. This pissed me off as I knew he was sleeping and dating other people.

So I went no contact again. he asks me to go out with him last night to grab drinks. I get there and he is wasted. He flirts with me, puts his arms around me, even gets mad at me when I'm trying to talk to other guys. But he insists in telling me about his hookups and how he likes being my "friend"

So what gives. I would like some advice on what to do here. I'm emotionally invested but not so much that it's crippling. I am hurt but also semi over the whole situation in general. But I would still want him back because we do have a lot of fun, make each other laugh and you can't pass up a good freak in the sheets if you find one. Any advice would be awesome. I guess substitute in the words for females so you could relate to my situation.