Hi guys

Alright I'd like to make few things clear so there's no silly posts i.e. u mad bro etc I do feel this is the one, simple as that. Had few others before, and it wasn't that, I know it. oh and btw this is happening in Poland, I've read that PUA hardly applies to polish girls..

Met this girl 6 months ago, I know not too long, anyway we fell for eachother straight away, or maybe I just felt it not sure. Got together, everything was awesome for around 3-4 months. Then on a friday I went out with mates, she got sad about it. Pretended it was okay until we met on monday. I was about to tell her some of my concerns and ideas how to make it better but didnt actually said anything yet and then she started crying and basically saying that shes not sure anymore what she feels, that when i went out something broke inside of her (her father was a d*ck basically and kind of compared me with hit by not trusting me), that she has a relationshio crisis etc. basically harsh shit that made me feel really sad, disappointed. Anyway when she was leaving she said she cares for me and loves me and doesnt want to break up, so we can fight through it. then like 2 days later we met and sorted it out and thought we were gonna be fine since. well i was wrong.

Did a surprise visit to her hometown the following friday. all was going good went to her uncle's was fun etc. then when we got back she said she felt guilty of having sex with me a month ago just a few days after she went to church to confess. and since then she wasnt feeling great about it and then decided that God is her nr.1 and she wants to be 'clean' since, basically no sex. Obviously I didnt take it very well and we started to argue more and more and it all went downhill in the next days/weeks. Although I did accept her decision and though that this is it and we can all be happy again, she again had a crisis and basically we agreed that we need to slow down and kind of take it much easier. Then we saw eachother 4 days in a row which mainly she initiated and it was fine and fun...then on thursday she went to her hometown, had a talk around 6pm was all fine. then she made no contact at all till the following morning even tho i did send a goodbye text etc. then the following morning she sent me a massive message on fb saying that she feels horrible an her heart melts because she sees how much I care and that she wished she felt the same what she felt at the beginning. but she sees that something has changed, that we're very different people in things that are priorities for her and the small things as well and that shes not sure if she wants to go in it. She sometimes feel like she cares etc but then she gets this down feeling and shes not sure.

then i called her and basically she said she wants a break i didnt want it because for me it meant basically its over in time when ill be only hurting myself while she ll be drifting away... so we agreed that we either break up and loose contact completely or that we relegate ourselves to friendship level which i knew was impossible so kind of just said. ok we're breaking up then have a good day. the next day she asked how i felt and invited me to go to gym with her on monday but told her i wont go, talked a bit then on monday i made a huge mistake by sending her all our photos and she got pissed off, then we kind of talked. (most of it happening on facebook), basically havent seen her in person since that thursday where it all seemed fine.... so kind of thats it...

I know its stupid but i have got nothing to lose and do want to get her back. Do you think that Cody's guide will help?

thank you and sorry for my english hope I made myself clear enough...