How do I bounce back? I freaking go nuts and get greedy as fvck that is how. I really don't care anymore man I need to get laid, I NEED to conquer and pillage. If it is with my Ex-GF then by golly so be it.

Everybody was wrong about her. When I broke up with her she resisted and said no a million times. A all day long text convo and never-ending arguing and her not accepting I was leaving so I left to prove a point. It was Winter I was done dating and felt like she was becoming a money pit.

Everybody knew we were close. The guy who was trying to beat me (she had a lot of side BF's) has been dating her for 6 months, 6 month freaking months. Plenty of time to fall in love. He calls her his WCW or World Class Woman. And here I come swoop in and poof she wants me back. I mean I was winning over this guy last time and 6 months of all her to himself and bam she can't wait to see me again.

I don't know what it is but maybe I really drive her crazy. We had a heart to heart and she is talking to me again. We have been talking all night. Man feels good to be a total d!ck and a girl to love you like nothing ever happened, goes to show what the power of history with a chick. She was my longest relationship at 3 months because I normally eject very fast from commitment but somehow she kept me coming around. It got too serious so I wanted out like always.

But now I am so lonely, depressed, and needing validation. I know my sights are set on HB10's this year but oh well I need to bag some broads! I will sleep with my Ex if I have to what the hell am I waiting for Christmas or something.

She is still in love with me holy crap. But it gets better I am talking to 3 10's on the side and they are all playing hard to get and in light of the situation (talk to other chicks) I hit my Ex up just for the hell of it and boom she is back at it. I think we are back together she sounds really serious this time and no red flags she just wants to see me.

But I am no fool. I know there has to be something better. But the weather has been so crappy so I am stuck texting these 4 chicks I know my life is hard but I used to not even handle 2 at once. Now I just want more, more, more! I will keep getting more until girls are so abudant they are begging me to come over and all falling in love I don't care! I need chicks! I need chicks! I am going hard this year and can't wait to go back out to the Bars but it has been bad weather sometime now on the weekends. Hopefully it clears up.

Anyway I am back with my Ex, we got plans this Summer and not stopping meeting other chicks. It should be a very interesting year indeed. I am so good with my Ex I dunno maybe I really should keep her around this time as a Friend with benefits haha.