Hey guys, after I broke up with my ex I started to be alpha , to go out with other girls etc...
She asked me out and we gone out, we kissed, there was a lot of Kino also.
When I see her im always gentle but I don't give her much attention.
Last night she pissed me off complaining about how much I was ignoring her and she started texting another man. I became jealous and I deleted our conv on whats app and I told her that she was PAST and all the things between us now means nothing to me, and that if she wanted to go out with me we will like with any other girl.
I stopped the car and asked to tell me who her guy was and then she started crying loud as fuck like i've beat her or something. I took her home and I wrote her that I was sorry.
We will see tonight at a party, what should I do?