So I got back with my ex-girlfriend who I am in a long distance relationship with. When I was with her over seas things were fine. As of the last 2-3 days shes been seriously moody, certain days we talk she is all lovey dovey etc. but then yesterday she was unresponsive through out the day when I was trying to talk with her. So I called her this morning and first thing she said is why didnt u call me last night, I told her because you didnt reply to my text msg even though you saw it. I feel like she is giving me shit tests because she keeps telling me how shes afraid that I am going to get sick of her. Secondly another problem were facing is we run out of things to talk about when we are talking on the phone. One time she said she feels like shes not talking to a boyfriend but a person she knows, this upset me and I flipped out. Later on she told me don't take what I said to seriously I was just sleepy and was saying things. I am comfused about the relationship because one second i feel she really loves me the next second I feel shes distant from me. My sister told me the biggest issue is me and that I am just being insecure about the whole thing (our conversations on the phone losing there spark) and she sees that, she told me not to let her get to me. Anyways what are your opinions guys.