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    Default I want too win my ex back, but I'm not sure how to going about doing it.

    Me ex and I where dating around for around 3 months before we got into a relationship in August! Prior to the dating we spoke every day, we always had a good laugh and tortured eachother untill we decided we would go out with eachother. We were actually brilliant togeather, always laughing and joking! The last month or so things became a bit rocky, I let my own insecurities get the better of me and said some thing I should never have! I noticed her start to slightly change in some ways! Like we would make plans and she would let me down in the last minute and go out with her fiends! She used to be always excited too see me and now it was like I never even mattered! Tho we still talked flat out. On Saturday we had plans for her to come over to my house as we would have a we hangover day with lots of food and movies as you do! She let me down and I said a few things I didn't mean, these things weren't very serious, in fact I think she has overreacted! We have both said things before on the past has hurt eachother! She told me she didn't want to speak to me again and to stop contacting her! But me like 99% of the male population bombarded her with txts for a day or two and she would not reply! She text me yesterday saying please just leave her alone she wants nothing too do with me and blocked my number! I made a mistake and made a fool out of myself bombarding her with them texts! I regret doing it! I don't understand how she can throw everything we had away over something so silly, I've a brilliant job, I was acc very good to her and always helped her out and spoilt her! Alough we weren't togeather very long we where really close we planned out our future and told eachother we loved eachother! I just don't know what to do, but I want too win her back she was my best friend! But I honestly don't think she wants anything to do with me! Can anyone help me out on what is best for me to do?

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    Default Re: I want too win my ex back, but I'm not sure how to going about doing it

    She sound like a girl you really like in body mind and spirit. Props on that. And props on not giving her a number. All what matters is that YOU find her attractive.

    To business:
    Can you answer some questions even though some of the save a hoes here will say I am a rude person? I can only help you if I get an answer to those questions?

    1) How was the sex between you to? How frequent was it?
    2)What was the thing you said that you feel destroyed everything? Why did you say it?
    3) What the thing she said that you felt hurt you deeply?
    4) If you were in a RELATIONSHIP phase and not just dating why did you allow her to plan things with you and stop that at last moment? Did you feel disrespected from that or simply guilty and felt she has a right to treat you like this because you hurt her feelings?
    5) What is it that you said that got her to over react?

    I see you chased her even when she kicked you out that is a bad move.

    Last question:

    6) Would you still want to be with her and win her back if you found out she did some bad things behind your back?

    Answer those and I will see how I can help. I have a good hunch on what happened. But I want to be sure. i just hope you are ready for the truth .

    Stand Straight UP SOLDIER,

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