Back in February, I was messing around on this stupid little website that is not even a dating site. I met this girl by "sexting" and then eventually exchanging pictures and talking on the phone.

After talking to her for a couple weeks, it turns out that her dad is a billionaire that owns over 5 billion dollars worth of real estate and she is inheriting "a lot" (I never asked her how much) money when she turns 21. She was 19 at the time and was a virgin. Her dad made an offer to buy the Empire State Building in 2013, so I can only imagine that it's a lot.

She offered me her virginity and was going to fly across the country to give it to me, but I messed it up before it could happen.

We talked pretty good for a while, but then I became really obsessive which is a problem that I used to have, so it drove her away.

We only talked for about 3.5 weeks, but I still think about it months later. I don't think I'll ever find another girl who is as rich as that.

At one point, she kept calling herself hot (she's extremely pretentious) and claiming that's the only reason I was talking to her, when in truth, you could go down town any day of the week and find 1000 girls hotter.

She was the first "hot" girl that ever talked to me for any length of time so it was memorable to me.

I want to come back brand new because I did not have any of this business stuff going on back then. I want to be like.... look at me new Aston Martin (her favorite kind of car) and maybe even show her pictures of some girls that I've dated since then that are hot.

I tried to apologize several times after it ended and she told me to move on. One time I got drunk and texted her a bunch of gibberish and she went to the police, so if I contact her again and she goes to the police, I would probably get arrested for harassment. I just don't always want to remember that as the one that got away because I handled the situation so stupidly and messing that up was what inspired me to get back into this stuff and that my "big brain" wasn't as big as I thought it was.

Also, at one point, I called the FBI and reported her dad for money laundering because she told me that a lot of that goes on. Lol. I think I messed it up too bad.