I am 19 and my ex is 20. I was with my boyfriend for a while, he had never been in a relationship before or been serious with a girl before me. Everything was going fine and he seemed so happy telling me I was his perfect for him and he was so happy that he met me then out of the blue he turned up at my house and ended it with me and told me he weren't ready for a relationship or commitment. It was so out of the blue and shocked me and completely broke my heart as I didn't expect it. As soon as he left my house he blocked me on everything so I was unable to contact him. This was so difficult because I went from speaking to him everyday, to not even being able to say hi or I miss you. 4 days later he finally unblocked me from Facebook after I had sent him 2 messages he responded with a long message on how he wants no hard feelings and he misses me but hopes he will meet me in the future and that he hopes its not the last he will see of me and he just felt like he was chucked in at the Deep end and there is no other girl in his life, he's just not ready for a relationship and that I was an Amazing girlfriend. I am so heartbroken, and feel like he never had any feelings at all for him to leave me so fast. do you think there is any way my ex will ever realise what he's lost and come back to me or regret what he's done? Please get back to me