Ok total AFC (trying to fix that) here and victim of ONEitis so I apologize in advance. Just curious to here your opinions. Anyway, I've been friends with this girl since August. We became fairly close and shared some personal things with each other. For example, she has never been in a serious relationship and is actually pretty afraid of becoming vulnerable/committing to someone. Kind of unusual for someone of her age (21) but no big deal. She also tells me that she does not want to date anyone at the moment. Anyway, after several months of getting to know each other/hanging out in a group setting, we start to do things alone...

Near the end of December, we start to communicate every day and often talk late into the night. One day she comes over to my apartment to watch a movie and I end up k-closing. We continue to kiss each other throughout January (never goes further than that) although she is very nervous about the whole thing and tells me so. However, this is understandable to me considering the things she told me when we were just friends. So I take things slow and never pressure her to do anything.

Well beginning of February I start to notice a drastic decrease in communication between us. She becomes distant. We still hang out alone together but I sense that she is fearing where this is headed as we never talked about it or defined the relationship, still I hope for the best. Well near Valentine's weekend I figure we should do something so I ask her about it as well as pulling an AFC move by bringing her flowers. That seems to be the catalyst...she tells me she is sorry but is not in the space for anything romantic and that she wants to go back to being friends. She assures me that it has nothing to do with me, that she loves hanging out with me and wants things to go back to the way they were before. I agreed and told her no hard feelings (told you I was an AFC).

So now my issue...I've got ONEitis for this girl. We have had zero contact since Friday so I'm wondering if I need to give her some space? Will I seem needy if I ask her to hang out this weekend? Should I wait for her to contact me? If this were a typical ex scenario I'd agree to no contact but I'm just unsure what to do since we were friends before and never official. I realize I need to move on and attempt to meet other women, however, I would like to at least try to get this girl back. What's my course of action here?