So she and the dude just broke up today. I haven't talked to her since when I mentioned in my last reply and I texted today her saying I was going to be in a town near her tonight. She immediately replied saying the dude cheated on her and she just dumped him as I texted her. Then I kind of defended the guy trying to use the straw man technique and asked how she knew and all that. Long story short she looked through his phone and found messages between him and another girl about fucking I guess. Then I tried to change the subject by saying its safe to tell me what she was going to tell me in the dream and she just said shes not going to tell me. I stopped replying after I asked why she even told me about it to begin with when she isn't going to tell me and she replied saying idk. She unblocked me on FB and added me and of course I'm seeing all these statuses about how heart broken she is. I didn't really flirt with her and I kind of turned it into a joke about her catching him cheating and said how embarrassed I'd be if I got caught cheating. At this point I just thought it over and am like, damn shes really not in a joking mood dude like I am. I wasn't at all like oh I hope your alright or anything at all.

I think I need to give her a little time before I can get her to start flirting with me and I dont want to hear about the guy as I'm getting a little pissed off how upset shes acting but did none of that when we broke up (although we both kind of mutually broke up and stopped talking). How long should I wait to talk to her and what should I say before I start trying to flirt again? I've honestly not been in this situation before, the only times I ever got an ex back was withen a couple days of us breaking up and doing NC. Never have I been able to be on good terms through their next long term relationship and in communication right after they broke up, normally the girl hates me by the end of the first month and it becomes a lost cause and I either dont try anymore or the girl still hates me.