Long story short, 3 years ago I broke up with a girl, because we had no sex. I was her first guy, therefore she was still a virgin. Every time we tried to have sex, she was always in pain, so I got tired of it and broke up after 1 year.
After hooking up with some girls, I started dating another one and we got into a relationship. My ex-gf didn't accept it very well and still today doesn't quite so.

One note: me and my ex-gf became friends, we met up 1 or twice a month.
Lately my relationship with my gf had become screwed. I don't like her anymore and I'm on the verge of breaking it up.
Thing is: I started to become interested in my ex-gf.

Couple days ago we were together and after some teasing (as always), I told her for the first that I needed her as a friend: I told her my parents split, which fucked me up, since my father began to act badly, and alongside it I started to lose my interest in my gf. My ex-gf told me that I should have told her this before and that, since we already had a relationship, she kind of knows how I behave. I become tired of my gfs very quickly (true).
After this, probably I made a mistake, but it was the only way I knew how to do that, since I didn't want to feel guilty trying to flirt with her while having a gf: I told her that lately I had begun to develop an interest in her. I told her that I didn't like her, but it was only an interest. I also told her that our relationship failed, because she was always very protected by her grandma and her mama (she agreed) and that, if that was different, we would be together more time.

She answered that she was shivering after I told her this and that, while we were on a relationship, I was her god. She also said she was bruised (she cried here), because she had been with a guy some months ago that left her for no reason. Basically he just wanted to fuck her (which didn't happen).

I know her, so I know that she was telling the truth. I also know that I'm not indifferent to her, the point is: what should I do?