My Ex broke up with me almost three months ago, i know the reasons and i am working on them/got them fixed already. Of course i was destroyed, but did the right thing by Intuition and went No Contact. She texted me a few times during this three weeks, but i didnít respond. After three weeks we met on a Party and set up a date for 4 days later.
Now ist getting complicated.
On our date, she told me she has a new guy, but told me ist nothing serious and he canít keep up with me. I ignored it and played it cool. On our date night we had lots of fun and things went really well. We also both had a lot to talk about. So it happened that we ended up in my new appartment (we lived together before) and we had sex. After the sex she told me she still loves me. So far so good, but at this time i had no experience in handling this situations and i am still deeply in love with her.
And from this Point on it went down. Had i read more about it before, i think i would have had a very good Chance after this great reuniting. (i am a bit angry at myself about this)
After this date, we remained in contact and we again had sex once and one time we just kissed. One time she mentioned, she hopes we can come back together in the future as i am the best what happened to her. After the second time sex, she said she canít do this anymore, she promised her new boyfriend. Few days after the kiss, i phoned her for picking up some things from her appartment and we had a little ďtalkĒ where she told me to stop chasing her as ist messing with my Feelings and i am a good guy she doesnít want to hurt.
I didnít contact her for 10 days or something like that until she texted me if i have time for picking up the things. We set up a date and when i visited her, we talked a little bit and had fun together and she even begged me to stay a little bit longer as planned. Two days later it was my birthday and she was the first to congratulate me with a lot of Smileys.
We started again to text and she is sometimes using a lot of Smileys, responding fast and sometimes very distanced.
Its a difficult Situation for me as i am still angry about the lack of experience which could have led me back to her faster. Also it seems she is getting along better and better with her new boyfriend. (staying alot overnight and so on)
I donít really know what to do. Should i start a second NC? Or just cut back contact? Or anything else?
Thank you!

Let me add that at our first meetings she often told me, she is so happy that she didnít lose me totally and she wouldnít be happy if i left her life completely. However, i think i brought myself into a unattractive Position and i am not to sure about the chances of a second NC.