Long story but ill keep it short. Met an amazing girl that I was with for 6 weeks. Best relationship ever and it was. We both liked each other allot and had so much fun together. Now Details, she's 21 i'm 28. She just got out of a relationship a month before. there was a bit of drama from that side but i didn't let it bug me because it is normal. So i had a shitty living situation and moved in with her dumb but we both agreed it would be cool. Two weeks ago she asked for space but i was headed 400 miles aways for a bachelor party and during that time she was begging for me to come back. A week later she asks for space again, this time I moved out and played it completely cool and agreed. Since that day I dropped all contact. It s small town so now i'm hearing she was over at her ex's house twice to my knowledge. I know that I am a better guy then he is plus he plays the begging and manipulating game to get her back. I'm gonna continue not contact. It did take her 4 days to text me.
Her: Are you mad at me
M: no
H: well I haven't heard from you in a few days
M: Ive been busy with hunting
H: oh Alright
M: I havent heard from you either I though you were in jail
H: Why would i be in jail haha
M:with you, who know you probably robbed a bank next time bring me as a get away driver
H:Bahah alright Ill keep that in mind

That was 2 days ago and no contact since, my question do I continue to freeze or Say I don't want to be apart of this anymore? I do like her allot but sometimes it's not worth the trouble when the chances maybe slim of it actually working. Was i just being used as a emotional pillow from her breakup and now shes considering go back to him. I know that I am ten times greater of a guy then he is but he plays a dirty game of manipulation using family sickness and talking to her mother. I would like to ask why she talking with her ex, 2 reasons, she is trying to purse that or she is being a friend to him because his mom has cancer again. Any thoughts would be appreciated