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    Bobleonheart Guest

    Default 3 years later an I want her back!!

    Ok. Hi guys. Now first of all just to say I'm pretty new on the pua scene so I have very little experience but I have been reading up on alot to prepare myself.

    The thing is around about 3 years ago my ex girlfriend broke up with me. At the time if I'm honest I was going a little bit crazy. I thought she was pretty awesome. She was stylish, witty, inteligent, funny and so on (blah blah). I didn't think much of myself at the time and had very low self esteem, not to mention bad teeth, a lack of interest in my image and I was unemployed with no ambition or future (she never had this problem herself. She was always motivated and goal oriented. She always said I should go back to college and get something done about my teeth) so of course I got worried that she would ditch me. I went as I say crazy and got all jealous and she did ditch me. I didn't take it too well an went through a major dry patch before getting anyone else, about a year actually. In the 2 years after my dry patch she did periodically get back in touch and we slept together a few times ( I believe this was because the sex we had together was pretty amazing on both sides) but nothing ever came of it.

    It's now 3 years after the initial break up and she has reinitiated contact again. This time though we haven't slept together (yet). Now as I say I'm new to the pua scene but I've noticed that she is now being uber friendly with me. I'm seeing all manner of ioi's, giggling at my unfunny jokes, inadvertent touching, introducing me to friends, etc. My circumstances have changed radically, I'm at college now studying psychology, I had my teeth fixed, I even have my own flat. She's changed alot too and from what I've seen it's all for the better. There is one factor that has been put into the mix though, she has got a boyfriend. This is where the complexities arise. She has only been with him officially for about 2 weeks but she has told me that they were originally childhood friends. It is a long distance thing with him and she very rarely sees him due to his current job. She also says that although she was actively dating loads of folk since that she has always seen herself being with this guy as a proper couple( you know marriage). So far I haven't made any attempts to try and get in but from the reactions she gives and her behaviour around about me I'm pretty sure that there is some attraction there even accounting for the new boyfriend. Also she has been seriously negging him to me and her friends.

    The whole situation is a little complex but I've decided that if possible I'd like to try and get her back. I realise this may involve destroying the boyfriend (I'm morally ok with it because I'm pretty convinced that she isn't really as hung up on him as she says she is and I get the feeling he's a bit of a prat). I'm fully aware that I'd have to somehow escalate the situation from the current attraction to first sexual levels and then with any luck a relationship.

    Now, she has invited me out to a bar this weekend to meet her friends with the suggested intention of having me meet her other friends as she says I need to expand my social circle. I'm not sure whether this is the real reason or not but something tells me its more than that.

    What I really need to know is given the information above is it first believable that I can get her back and what would be the best way to do it?

    Of course if you need to know anything more I can happily tell you.

    I'm kinda looking forward to hearing what you have to say because reading some of the other posts about here I reckon there's alot of really smart and wise dudes on here.


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    Bobleonheart Guest

    Default Re: 3 years later an I want her back!!

    Oh yeah, one more thing. In the 3 years that we have been apart I have done alot of major internal rearrangements and feel that I have improved my self confidence in a huge way and have no fear of being struck with jealousy should I be abl to win her back.

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