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    Default Need quick help! texts!?

    EDIT: ive moved the discussion to the other forum,(how to text a girl under "advice request; how to get her back" as it seems to be more relevant and have more activity.

    I would still appreciate input

    I'm familiar with a lot of the secrets but i need some clarification and quick help for my situation.

    The full story as abbreviated as possible

    together 2 years. A job opportunity that i couldn't pass came up across the country. I took it and moved with plans to have her follow shortly behind. All those plans fell through. Ive been away for 5 months but with a lot of phone contact.

    I wasn't taught back then and did everything wrong. I became needy, a little jealous, asked where she was a lot (though not in a hostile way). we grew apart. Someone else came along that caught her interest and she was honest with me, telling me right away that she had feelings for someone else and ended it. I love her all the more for being so straight with me. I didn't "beg" but i was needy and tried to talk it through logically. I told her that i was coming back and made plans to do so.

    Desperate for advice I came across the Ex2 system. My eyes were opened and I realized everything I messed up with.

    I had already been "needy" for a little less than two days. Not too much obsessive talking, fortunately no begging. It was all very calm but still.. I pray that I havent messed up too much and quickly went to NC.

    Its been 5 days. I get on a plane home one day from now. She texted me "hows things?" I know it hasn't been long enough to talk to her about meeting up as friends or anything like that, but texting drives me crazy. I'm told to just have a short conversation talking positively about things (NOT the relationship) and then be the one to end the conversation. But this is a text! What do I do with it? Its still early. Can I just blow it off? Do I wait before replying? Can I just be like "Hey things are awesome but I'm with people/heading out/going to bed, I'll have to catch you later."

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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