(Tried to format into paragraphs, it wouldn't let me) Hello everyone, I've been with my LTR for close to 2 years. We've only had about 3 fights the entire time. She's very domesticated Asian so her culture believes in letting the man make the decisions etc etc. This was a huge relief and pleasure after being married to a controlling bitchy Portuguese girl. Anyway let's skip towards the events leading to the breakup. Her lease is almost up and I've been thinking about getting another apartment as well, so she suggested we move in together. At first I didn't want it but I weighed my options and decided to make a serious go at life with her. She was looking forward to it, but she started talking to an old friend who is in a miserable marriage and her story scared her off the idea. Basically her friend is married to a guy who refuses to work leaving the woman to work 3 jobs to support the mortgage and kid. She told my Ex to not move in with me or she'd become a slave and I'd spend all her money. So this has been preying on her mind and while I make a very good wage, I do have a problem with past credit card debt which I'm trying to broker a deal to settle my debt. She sees me as financially unstable which in her mind only gives credence to her friend's advice and story. I recently learned what the final straw was that ended the relationship. She was being very distant one week, hardly replying to txt or calls or ignoring them, so I had lunch with a friend and brought her back to my place. Now my friend is a lesbian who is more boyish and is about a 3/10. My ex comes in with her key, is shocked to see another girl and says she busted me. The friend leaves and the ex stays and farks all afternoon because she's been horny for a week she said. Later that night she says that week she was being distant she decided to end things with me. I found out a week later she thinks I cheated on her and lied to her. She gave me my keys back but I've not contacted her in 2 weeks, nor has she bothered to contact me. How should I proceed? I wouldn't say it's a case of oneitis because since the NC, I've gotten about 3 numbers and working on getting these girls out for drinks/dates, I've also taken a bootcamp, so I'm pretty decent at game. The only reason I want to get back with her is because for the most part she's a very giving person who I've really grown to love. I've seen her give and give even when it didn't benefit her and it was troublesome to her. She really goes out of her way to try to put others before herself and that's a hard to find trait in women these days. Thanks