Long story short: I dated this girl for 6months, and we broke up about a year and a half ago. It was a bad break up, I was average chump with her, she was a complete bitch, and it was all around bad. In the relationship she was smoking hot, but would make fun of me, and blah blah didn't end well.

Now she is the type who would always checking up on her ex's and wanted to be friends. Now she would im me months after to brag about her life and ask me about mine, and I'm pretty sure we'd each inflate how we were doing. I know she has a boyfriend now. Now I'm completely moved on. She would appear less and less trying to im me, I think I blocked her, but she'd always try to friend me on fb. I had her blocked until I unblocked her one day, but never have any intentions of adding her. I don't have a gf, but I've gotten very much in shape (6pack all that), and you can see with my profile pictures. The last time, actually last couple times she imed me instead of arguing I wished her the best I thought she got the hint. I was pretty sure it was her ego that bothered her, or maybe she was just addicted to the fight.

Anyways still has the bf and 6months last I get another ad today. Normally I just ignore it, but I really wanna say something. I was thinking "sorry I only keep ex's on my list that I still occasionally sleep with" but that sounds a bit immature. Got any good suckers for her?