hey this my first thread on here.
Basically i dont have trouble with women and i use game alot and always works well for me but as with alot of us there is always one ex that gets to you just look at Mystery.If it happens to him it can happen to us all..

My ex was a 9 she looked identical to Patricia Arquette in tarantinos True Romance...Thats my vibe by the way...
We dated for 2 years....was a very rocky relationship feisty,argumentative but passionate..We ended because of this..Well about 8 months after we split i gamed her via a phonecall to come shopping with me about a 3 hour car drive away anyways it went well and we slept with each other again a few times after that trip the passion was for sure still there..I then went on a short trip for business to LA which got me quite alot of media attention..Since then we have hardly spoke and she has a new AFC boyfriend..We spoke a couple times when she was kicking off and screaming at me down the phone in the past couple of month but thats it, no contact really..

Because of what i do she cant really keep away from hearing my name and her mother still totally loves me and sees me regular..
Ive struggled alot wtih this and need ways to grasp her attention towards me again.

Any of your feedback would be useful on this one?