So here is my story. My ex was married before dating me and was in a bit of a bad relationship. We were together for 10 months. Her ex and her were still selling their house and once things got closer to the sell they had more and more contact. This was right around the time I started feeling like I wanted to get more serious with her. All the contact with her ex made her want to take a step back while I wanted to take a step forward. This ultimately led to me not handling things well and making the classic mistakes. We eventually broke up.

All contact stopped with her for around a month and half. On her birthday I called her and wished her a happy b-day. Short and sweet conversation. A few weeks after her birhtday she was running the Chicago Marathon and I called her again just to wish her good luck. We did some catching up and that is when I asked if she would like to meet for a drink to catch up.

When we met up this week things went great. It was like we never missed a beat. She was very flirty, did a lot of touching, and was looking at me like a girl that still had feeling for me. Several times she mentioned that I know her better then anyone and that she has missed talking to me. For the most part our conversation was just catching up and random topics. When she brought up the past I talked about it. She apologized for hurting me. My response was, "I was hurt, but things work themselves out. It just wasn't meant to be. "

She asked if I was dating anyone. I told her since we broke up I've been on dates with 3 different girls and that one girl I had seen 5 times but I wasn't sure where it was headed. All true. She responded that she has been seeing a guy also. Apparently they got together not too long after her and I split. I've confirmed that she is seeing this guy. He called twice while we were there and she ignored the call. I asked if he knew we were together tonight and she said she just told him she was getting a drink with a friend.

At the end of the night we had a big hug. She looked at me and told me she was happy we are going to be friends. Being the male I am and a little tipsy I asked, "how good of friends."

Her response was, "I don't know it is only our first time hanging out again."

I replied, "you know I had to try."

Her, "I know, but don't tempt me."

Me, "well now I have to try again." Which led to a 5 second kiss.

We said our goodbyes and she said she would call me to talk about getting together again. She called last night and we agreed to get together in 2 weeks. I could tell last night that she may be feeling guilty or confused because when she asked what days worked for me she wanted to wait a few weeks and was asking why I choose weekend nights. She really wanted to do weekday but she settled on weekend.

With all the rambling above, how do I proceed? I feel like she still has a lot of feelings for me but is hesitant right now. Should I not contact her until we meet up again? Should I make a few contacts to keep things normal? Anything special I should do? Thanks for the help!