so 6 weeks ago my fiance' who i have been with 4.5 years left me citing the whole "not in love with you," "not happy anymore," and "not attracted to you" typical bs. well anyway we had a great relationship, were always going places, doing things, making our friends jealous and always finding new awesome things to do all the time and we did this while she attended college and got through it. well in early August she went to grad school 4 hours away from where we live and it was a tough transition. for the first 5 weeks she was out there she would constantly beg me to move out there with our cats so we could be together and i wasn't sure how possible that would be so i was hesitant. however i went out there Labor Day weekend to see her and she had to go to Maryland for a field hockey game that Sat night through Sun night so on Sunday i had nothing to do so i figured i would go out and about to see what kind of places were available in the area. well i cam across this quaint rancher, 1 bed, 1 bath, garage and it was getting a whole new kitchen, dining room floor, paint inside and out and a new garage door, best part is rent was only $500 a month!!! so i called the number on the sign, met the guy, discussed it and boom signed a lease and gave him a security deposit and 2 months rent and then a week later sent him another 2 months rent. i was so happy that i found what would be the perfect home for us and was gonna surprise her with it sometime in October except for the fact she broke up with me on Sept 18th.

so my question is what do you guys think of this in terms of since she was basically on her knees begging me to go out there and now i am even though it's at the wrong time and i'll be living in a house while she stuck in a room the size of a cardboard box above a YMCA do you think it is something that could nudge her into trying to work things out since she will be seeing something she really wanted and now won't have for petty reasons or do you think she will still be stubborn?