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    Default Any way to overcome a Buyers remorse point of now return?

    I gamed this girl a few weeks back (my first 9). She was tough I had to run all sorts of material on her push and pull constantly. Went out with her once ( I made her ask me out), the date went well (Got some Kino going but no kiss), she was the first to text me the next day and wanted to see me for dinner that day (In retrospect I should've said no and rescheduled on my terms but the vibe was good so I said what the hell) We had dinner (she paid for herself as on the first date I established that that was the only time I paid for her). Then she said she wanted to go to some gay event in the city (I have to mention she claimed she was into chicks at the time but I reacted to it as if it was one of her numerous sh1t tests especially with all the IOIs i was getting) but I said I didn't want to go and although she was late and had to meet with her friends I just took her for a walk and she would not leave eventhough I told her she can leave at any moment if she wanted to she was still walking by me. I tried to get her into one of the bars on campus but she wouldn't go in. So we are standing there at the door and she doesn't want to go in but she wouldn't leave either. So I said if she didn't want to go in and she has to go I am leaving. And I just walked away. She was standing there with her mouth open. (now I know I could've played this better but it was starting to rain and was getting late and frankly her indecisiveness was irritating) I guess she got pissed off ) So there was no contact the next day, the day after I texted "Hey, whatsup" and got dead air. So I put her on hold and worked on other projects. 3 days later she texted me "I think we should remain friends" This time I'm not responding. The next day she texted again "I still would like to hang out with you but with no expectations". This time I gave it a couple of hours and responded as if it was some other chick chasing me which went something like : What the fark Isabel (which is just some random name) I thought we established it was over between the 2 of us, stop stalking me, do I have to change my number again!" So she texted me right back " Hahaha you always were the funny one". I pretend like I don't know her and text her "Who is this?" She is trying to hold her ground "Cute" I'm going " That doesn't narrow it down". She "I can't believe u deleted my number" I go "All i see is 555-5555 (whatever her # was). She finally gives up her name "I think you're full of sh1t and gives me her name" ) So from that point we go back and forth again. But I was busy that week so it wasn't until 3 or 4 days later that I said I can meet her. She said she was sorry but had plans for that day. I said she has to come up with another day then if she wants to see me. She set it for 2 days later. The day we were supposed to go out she called apologized and cancelled and I let her know that I do not appreciate people flaking on me. There was dead air for a couple of days. Then I asked if she wanted to do something and she started giving me the bullsh1t about how she wants to hang out with me but doesn't want it to be a date. So I gave up on her and went on with my life. A week and a half later I texted her to see if there is an opening. She replied very eagerly saying she missed me, wants to hang out with me etc. etc. She said she wanted to meet with me the same night (Again I should've waited I believe but she is too hot) I went out with her the same night. Again the date went pretty good, she had fun I had fun, we walked with our arms around each other bla bla bla. Next day I waited for her to text and she did text me first asking how did I think the date went and more back and forth. Again she wanted to meet that day (and again I probably shoud've made her wait but...) She invited me to her place and she started taking shots I had a couple with her but stopped. Then we went out to dance. I went for a kiss there and we kissed. She said she wanted to go back home. We went home and she started undressing herself and me and I knew I should've stopped there and then if I wanted to keep her for long which I did but I couldn't resist. Actually I did have some control and decided not to fark her thinking that maybe that was the lesser evil. So we did everything but fark and I spent the night at her place. When I got up in the morning to get our of there I already noticed the signs of trouble. She was already acting weird and sort of embarrassed for what happened. I hoped it was something temporary, maybe a hangover. So I initiated a contact twice the next day and although she responded right away it was all yes and no and no initiative on her part. Same thing next day. I did not ititiate any exchange more than twice a day and if she was cold I would stop it. So our exchanges were like 2 or 3 texts each. I asked if she wanted to get something to eat (we live close to each other) she said she wanted to but that the other night went too fast and she needed some time. So she went cold. Next day dead air. The day after here is a full transcript of our exchange:
    Me Hey whatsup
    Her: I'm in Ohio
    Me Whaaat!
    Her: I got back with my boyfriend
    Me: Cool which one
    Her: Very funny
    I ignore that one
    Her again - Sorry to be harsh. Goodnight.
    Me: It's ok, you are who you are, I should've known better. (it doesn't really mean anything all I wanted to demostrate that her sh1t doesn't phase me)
    Her: Haha I don't know what that means. But yes I'm pretty free spirited. See you around
    Me: not quite but you'll figure it out
    Her: How condescending but that’s alright. Night
    Me: I don't know about ohio but here in nyc (I pretended like I went there which she knows I do often) the fun has just began, it's going to be legendary! Night.

    First of all I know for a fact that she didn't go to no ohio and reunited with no boyfriend. It was just a way to tell me to fark off. This is a classical buyer's remorse situation except I hope it didn't cross the point of no return One thing I failed to do effectively is to build enough comfort with that chick. I ran almost no comfort building material at all. It's just that with her it was so easy to communicate that I got distracted. What I'm asking is do you think I can still try and game her later on? My plan is to put her on hold for a week or two and if she doesn't initiate contact try and text her and see what happens. If nothing happens I don't give a sh1t. But if I could I'd like to make her an FB or a GF whichever works out but if I have to let her go so be it. Again she has a very high self esteem very popular has lots of friends and used to a lot of attention from guys.
    What do you guys think?
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    Default Re: Any way to overcome a Buyers remorse point of now return?

    I think you messed up by not sleeping with her, girls have some power but once you fark them it all goes away. I think she would have stuck around. But at the same time this girl seems to play games so maybe she just needs a little time out in the corner to think about it.
    Your text game on her was pretty solid.

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