Ok so me and this girl have been together for like a year now. shes crazy over me and im crazy over her. Anyway I was to busy with school for three days to text her. She didnt text me either, but she never texts me, she just waits for me to text her, and gets upset when i dont text her. anyway after that three days she just text me out of the blue and said "Im dont" I responded an hour later and said "why?" and she never texted back. anyway after a week of no contact i texted her and said " you know just cuz im too busy to talk to you every day doesnt mean i dont like you. and if you really wanna talk you can always text me" and she replied "im over it" and i offered to send her nudes that night and she said she didnt care weather or not i sent nudes because sometimes when i say im gonna send i dont send and i just go to bed. and i said "you wanna know what i think" she said "just say it" and i told her that i thought she felt like i was slipping away and she was loosing control of me. she told me she didnt want control and that she just wanted to be friends. i said ok thats fine. and she said good. i told her i had to go and id talk to her tomorrow and she said thats its best that we never talk again and i said k bye. what do i do? i want her back.