Hi, New to the Forums and I have a conundrum:

This Girl and I are compatible, we both see each other in our eyes and like to hang with each other. She recently(within 2 weeks) told me that she couldn't find that "spark" and she didn't know why. A little about her: She is getting a divorce finalized next month. Has two awesome boys, and we have plenty of mutual friends. I did go into the courting knowing that she wasn't ready exactly for a relationship. She claims she's not "girlfriend" material. I believe it to be a front just to keep her walls up and get hurt from getting to deep with someone. Funny thing is, even though we've moved to a more "friend zone" she will still kiss me very intimately(with tongue.) Actively flirt with me, and want to hang out.

I think I let myself get to comfortable and lax around her, and that may be why she can't feel the so called "spark". I would like to find a way to get her to chase me, I think that might be the key, but I'm not quite sure. So I've come to the experts. We do text still on an everyday basis. I also hate to say it, but I really do come out of my shell when I am inebriated and would really like to overcome that side of me.

I hope I gave you all enough insight and that maybe I can get her back into my life in a more personal, intimate way for good. She's a great gal, and I can really see myself with her. Oh she is 31 years old, and I am 29, hitting 30 next month as well. Should I stay in that Friend Zone longer until we both get older and perhaps a little bit more mature?

Thanks for the Help and Advice in this endeavor.