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    Default Dumped for no real reason, deciding whether to get her back...

    Easy all,
    My first post and probably my most miserable, I'll be back on top in no time!

    Basically, I had a girlfriend for one year, our anniversary was 1st Jan. We had a good xmas, only a couple of arguments and a brilliant new year. On new years day I took her to the place where I made her my girl and the day after we bought eachother presents to say "happy anniversary".. as any happy couple does! 2 days later I see her and all seems cool. 2 days after that she's supposed to come to mine, says she's meeting a friend before which is cool with me - turns up at 11pm, seems a bit off, but the next day!!

    She seemed to be really down all day long, didnt want to speak to me, I made her lunch and dinner (I'm a really keen cook so no AFC crap there) and still she was down, so obviously I snapped, along the lines of "sort it out, I'm not putting up with this bad mood", she storms out saying how our anniversary was shit and left!

    So I done what most blokes do, didn't chase, didn't call - she was in the wrong in my eyes, so I went out and got drunk! Unfortunately I decided to send her a bit of a text about how she was an ungrateful bitch at 2am, but I got up the next day and apologised. She turned round and said, she didnt want to talk to me for a while, so i left her, got back in touch with her and she dumped me!!

    We were perfectly good before the saturday when she got miserable, then out of nothing she's switched and dumped me - it doesnt make sense to me or anyone else!!

    Since dropping her stuff last week I've cut all contact, I get jealous really easily so I cut her off facebook and deleted her number. But I want her back, we had something really good!

    What does everyone else think? Obviously my minds turning to gaming again to get over her, but I honestly think we were tight, and everyone else says the same thing!!

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    Default Re: Dumped for no real reason, deciding whether to get her back...

    I'm pretty new here too and I'm not that experienced with dating but I do have one suggestion that I believe cannot be ignored: control your tongue. Be the master of your own mouth, try not to name call anyone. Am I right or wrong? As for the rest, I don't know what to tell you. Best of wishes.

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