I have also posted this in my introduction but really need advice!! I thought id start my first post with a story, my story. I read the Game back in February last year and thought it was awesome, I started online dating and by March was texting and seeing a plethora of women, i think at one point i was seeing six and texting another eight. I wasn't really seeing girls i was particularly attracted to and I let most of them slide and have become "friends" through my own choice with one or two. I Still have Approach Anxiety in the field especially if i am attracted to someone, and here is my sticking point.
I joined another dating site in November and within two days had 12 women messaging and texting me, however one woman particularly caught my eye and when we met i thought she was awesome. I used all the things i learnt from the game to win her and we started seeing each other exclusively, however complications arose due to her having children which made seeing each other difficult and I had caught a serious case of "oneism". I think i reverted to my AFC ways, and she lost that attraction that i had created in the first place.
She basically told me three nights ago that it wasn't working for her. I am gutted by this and can't believe i blew it, I had been attentive, generous moved things in my life around so that we could make it work and she blew me out, when in the beginning i was doing my " I'm doing you a favour even talking/hanging out with you stuff, she was all over me. I have cut off contact now although i agreed to be friends, not really sure of my next move as I really liked this girl we had so much in common i thought that would carry me through. I now know that game is not for just the start of a relationship but needs to be maintained throughout, but would love any advice on next moves. Do i Just forget her and move on as i am already chatting to some women on dating sites again, or is there a way to salvage this ?