Brief background : Me and this girl dated for about 3 years I was the one to break it off and she was heart broken. I regret doing this now and want to get back with her. So its been about a year since we broke up... first few months we had little to no contact but since have chatted once in a while as friends. When i first brought up the idea of reconnecting she was very hesitant and froze me out, so I went and talked to her in person and explained everything (my regrets, don't want to restart the old relationship but rather start a new and better one) and she started opening up more. The past month, however, we have been talking a lot and have been out on a date and she had spent the night twice (no sex). I questioned her again about reconnecting and she said she was still unsure exactly what she wanted and that she didnt trust me not to hurt her again (rightfully so).

Basically my problem lies with the fact I feel I have been chasing her to much usually messaging her first or initiating conversation ect) so I tried to freeze her out. The first day of the Freeze Out she contacted me first 3 times (I responded but kept it short saying I had to go after about 5-10 mins). As I try to stop being a 'wussy' Im finding it hard to use my usual game or pua techniques because i'm afraid it will bring back memories or be related to our history in the past which i want to stay away from.

Anyway I'm looking for some advice on what to do (am I on the right track?) or any PUA techniques that are appropriate for ex's without bringing back negative memories from past relationships.

sorry for the length and being all over the place, i'm new to posting in forums, thanks in advance