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The world of dating has completely changed in the past decade. Now meeting your dates online is commonplace. Besides dating websites if you want to be exposed to a large population of single women, you should get on Facebook.

Facebook is a great resource for meeting single women. In fact, there is even a spot where you plug in what you are interested in: men or women or friendship or whatever.

The beauty of Facebook is that online contact gives you flirting experience with lot's of women, even before you even meet any of them in person. Do you remember the old, but still applicable saying about the best way to meet someone is through a friend? Well Facebook gives you the perfect opportunity to meet friends of friends, in fact hundreds of them.

It allows you to meet them in a non-threatening way. There is no commitment involved and yet you can see what they look like, what their interests are and a little bit about their personality through their wall posts and comments.

So the first step is to join Facebook and make friends with everyone you know and then make friends with all their friends. Send out those friend requests like there is no tomorrow.

It really isn’t hard to get a date from women on Facebook. It just takes a little effort. Make sure when you create your account, you have an attractive photo – something that demonstrates you are interesting and fun. Make sure your photo shows your personality. If you like to mountain bike, get a picture of you doing that. If you like to play chess, a picture can show this.

Just make sure that your photo matches your personality. This increases the odds of you meeting someone compatible. That brings up maybe the most important part of how to meet women on Facebook – be honest. Do not try to portray yourself as someone you are not. If you think you need to do this, then you first need to work on your self esteem before you even attempt to pick up a woman.

You want to offer the best man you can be when you meet women. Sometimes that involves a little homework in figuring out just who and what that best you is about, but it will pay off in the long run.

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