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You can't figure out what went wrong. Things were going along just fine and then bam, she dumps you. When you ask for an explanation, she tells you it is because you donít connect with her. What? Youíve been talking to girls your whole life. What does she mean?

Well, letís start with conversation topics. Avoid boring topics, such as the weather or other things that are common among strangers. Instead ask interesting open-ended questions or make observations about her or the environment. It is critical to really engage someone when you first talk to them or you will be placed in the boring category. Now letís dive into two aspects of conversation that are often overlooked.

learn how to talk to these girls The first thing that guys need to remember is that even though girls like to hang with the guys, doing guy things like watching football and roughhousing, she still wants you to remember that she is a woman. What does that mean? That means that even if she is a tomboy and chilling with you and your friends hunting and chewing tobacco, you still need to talk to her like a woman. Donít call her dude.

Another key is to never forget she is a girl. Donít forget that even though sheís hanging with the guys that sheís a girl. She doesnít want to hear any tales of sexual exploits. She doesnít want to talk about farts and other body functions. She is still a girl. Thatís the first thing to remember.

The second most important thing has absolutely nothing to do with talking. Itís actually all about closing your trap and listening (this is another critical aspect that we teach guys). Women want to do a lot of the talking and want you to do a lot of the listening. Now, not all women are like this and honestly, it is not always gender specific, itís more about social skills. So maybe itís not so much about listening as it is about learning how to participate in a conversation. Learn how to engage in a conversation where you are adding interesting information but also being a good listener. Remember it is a dialogue, not a monologue.

Now, when it comes to talking, there is talking over dinner or over the phone, but then there is also talking right before you get busy. If you want to make her melt in your arms, then I suggest you learn how to lower your voice, watch your tone, and speak slower and softer. In addition, it sure doesnít help to lean close so you can talk in a low voice and make her lean forward to hear you. That is always attractive.

The last tip I have is simple. Itís all about keeping it playful and keeping it fun. When you talk to a girl, you donít need to be serious. Show her that you can tease, even if it is teasing yourself. Show her that you know how to have a good time and that you are a fun guy to be around. Believe me, women want to be around guys who are fun and make them laugh. It is one of the best skills you can develop.

Find out 6 Simple Tips To Talk To Girls at ABCNews.com.

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