Hey everyone,

So I'm new here. I've finally signed up and decided to take some action toward being more successful when it comes to women. I would just like to say that I'm happy to be part of what seems like such a powerful support group and look forward to being involved.

That being said I guess I'll just go right into my most recent undertaking..

So there's this girl that I've had a past with (we dated twice) who I'm currently trying to just have fun with. We've hung out three times and on the second time that we hung out we kissed when I dropped her off and then on the third time we kissed when I left her house. That's all well and good but I have a concern; I can't seem to do anything more than just make out with this girl. I had the same problem when we dated before, too. I can't read any signs that she's interested in me however she texts me to hang out and she always wants to kiss me goodbye when we do. I want to do more with her but she's not really showing me any signs that she wants to and I feel like that could mean one of two things: she isn't good with showing signs or she's just waiting for me to go for it regardless of her body language. For example, the third time we hung out we watched a movie in her room on her bed but she didn't show any signs that she wanted to do anything. She kinda just sat there with her arms crossed. I mean, she said that she was tired but come on now, movie in the room is textbook for something is gonna go down. And then when I left her house, she kissed me (as I mentioned earlier).

I guess I'm kinda confused by her signs (or rather, lack there of) and I'm wondering how I can play this in order to do more with her physically.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate the help.