This girl is a total flirt and has zeroed in on me. She is engaged but putting out an enormous number of ioi's. It's crazy. Plenty of tension and I'm frozen by the fact that she's engaged. She works in my office which could be a long term problem except I plan to move to a different division in the next 6 months.

Her bid day is in a month or 2. She does not talk about the wedding or the guy at all. Just a few small pics in her cube I had a brief conversation with her on a walk back from Starbucks about where she was registered. Otherwise it's been a mostly alpha experience. Well placed negs. I've been doing this C&F thing that really works well. Because she's in my office I just want to be careful not to create perm tension if it bombs before or after I go for the fclose.

I like her. Nice skin ink. Not too much but enough to know she's pretty wild. She "misses" me when I travel and can't do what is becoming a Friday morning coffee run. Concern #2, I'm going to wind up in the friend zone. Last thing I want here is to end up the guy who meets me for coffee every farkin Friday.

We have done 4 coffee runs. A few meetings in the hall. One night out with the work crew. I tease her a lot. Flirting in return but giving no indication it's more than "smile and wave"

Just looking for some Ideas on how to bridge the gap. It may be a little early but once she says I do. I wont.