Ok, guys I'm back!!! It’s not really by choice but I'm coming with a vengeance!!!

I know many guys struggle with Last Minute Resistance. Well, your ole buddy Kino is here to help you. Guys our job is to initiate intimacy a woman wants to be seduced and be led into in a comfortable sexual situation. As guys especially when the moment is hot we just want to jump in, well that often leads to LMR. Here are some simple strategies to help nip that in the bud.

Number one, at the top of my list when a woman is giving me ioi’s and we have moved into sexual conversation I put them in the role of the initiator by making her jump through little hoops. Instead of saying, “we should hang out” say something like “It would be way to crazy if we hung out” She will reply with something like “Oh, you think so, well it sounds like we should definitely hang out then.” The goal is early on in the process let her close the little gaps leading up to seduction.

Another effective technique at this point is to tease but make it obvious that you are struggling to control yourself. If she is hot for you, pull her close, get her close and give her the I want to fark your brains out like and make her think you are going to kiss her…then pull it back (your head not your body, don’t lose the proximity), “No, no, you are trouble.” They will almost always go ahead and kiss you, lean in, or pull you back if she does this, kiss her. She made the push on you, she will not resist.

Ok so let’s fast forward, you are alone and it’s about to go down…or is it? The pull away technique works wonders, the idea is to beat her to the punch. Say no, but don’t lose the proximity, let her pull you back in and give you encouragement because she has just admitted to herself that she wants you. Just keep going…

Ok, so what if she beats you to the punch? Stop, agree, pause, back up a step. Say that you kissed, took off her top, sucked her breasts, and she stopped you at the point of pulling off her pants. Stop, Agree, don’t lose proximity if possible, go back to kissing, and continue, the next time she likely won’t stop you, just rev that engine a little more.

Also, if she really shuts you down don't act like a little biatch. Don't act needy. Just drop it like nothing happened.