Did the cube last night on a HB8 who has seen my best mate a few times and I am planning to see her mate. My plan was to make her have an attraction for me, so her friend does also. Was so close to a KClose but stopped knowing it would stop any chance with the HB9 and ruin me and my friends plans for tomorrow night. I think my plan worked. She is more comfortable around me and is obviously attracted to me from last night giving away like 15 IOI's in the space of 20 minutes. Hopefully that attraction gives me a sense of desire and as girls talk she will say to her HB9 friend. Now hopefully if my mate does his job right he should be able to get with her, leaving her friend not feeling bad about getting with me. With that sense of higher worth on the table it makes it easier for me to try a few new routines and a choice of a few new kiss close's I'm working on. even tempted to try out a magic trick.

This is what I think, now does anyone actually agree with me on this, or is there a better way of going about it. Or have I shot myself in the foot and need to trade girls with my friend.

You know the youth these days, we are all randy rabbits with a bit of alcohol