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    Default What do i do next to seduce?

    I've gone out with this girl twice, and on the 2nd date, which lasted almost 3 hours, I asked her to move closer to me. I asked her about half way through the date, and she did, and I put my arm around her. I took it off, and put it back on several times.
    When we left I gave her a kiss. The thing that I don't know is where do I go from where I am.
    Any suggestions on how to seduce her?

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    Default Re: What do i do next to seduce?

    Do you understand the principles of Compliance Testing? It's a great technique that helps both parties remain in their comfort zones (mostly.)

    Create a situation in which her doing nothing means yes, and her taking action may not necessarily mean no, but not right now.

    When you asked her to move closer to you that was a compliance test. Not an ideal one, but a compliance test none the less (she complied by scooting closer). When you put your arm around her--that was an ideal compliance test. Seeing how she did nothing that's a green light. You didn't have to check multiple times. If you're unsure, feel free to readjust all suave like. Remove your arm, check your phone, then place it back where it was. Just a double test to convince yourself if you need it.

    From here escalate. A personal favorite: While sitting next to her place her hand on your thigh. If she makes an action (removes her hand) take it as a not now. I mean, unless it's quite obvious she means no. Try again later. If she's cool with it she'll know what to do. She'll rub your leg, run her hand up and down the length of your thigh, move it to...a more sensitive area.

    If she complies without any further action, give her positive reinforcement. Put your hand on top of hers and squeeze. Grab her hand and rub it the length of your thigh as you would like her to do. Trust me, she'll keep it going even if it's just for a few more seconds. Feeling ballsy? Put her hand on your d1ck. Works wonders.

    Credit goes to J.T. Tran from ABC's of Attraction. Learned it from one of his Youtube videos (and altered accordingly).
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