OK I've been crushing on this girl for about a year now but i believe ive been friend zoned. Me and my friends have been going up to a camp for about 3 or 4 years now and she lives right outside of it so i hang out with her allot when no one else who is cute or interesting is up. I thought that i had a much better chance with her than most of her friends since well shes a HB 6 maybe a HB7 and her friends are all HB9 so they get most of the attention from the other guys while i hit on her. Ive tried a few times to kino her but she doesn't blush or anything she just laughs a little bit then playfully hits me or messes with me in some other way. Anyway its way too much like my friends treat me when i screw with them and i have no fricken clue about what to do to escalate the relation ship