Hi all! My roommate ( not friends) is obsessed with this girl and she's stayed over at our place a couple times. We started talking and she started texting and IM ing me when I'm at work. Before I was sent to a business trip to DC, she slipped a card into my room to tell me how glad she is to meet me. A week ago she asked to visit me in DC ( I agreed only on the condition that she would buy me delicious food ), and she actually booked the flight here after just a couple days ( she will be here next week).

The problem is, just today, she suddenly mentioned that her friend is also coming to the city, and that she will be staying at another hotel with her friend, though she quickly said that our plans will remain the same. She also mentioned that we can celebrate her bday together while she's here. My question is, do you think her cousins trip here is real, or could it just be an excuse to not stay over with me because i lost attractions in our online conversations somewhere? Ive been under thimpression that she was attracted to me: shes showed me quite a few signs, like when I tell her I'm going out with some girls and jokingly ask her not to be jealous, she would respond like " so what if I want to be?". She also asked me what my ex used to call me, and would use that name whenever she says goodnight/sweet dreams.

Also, any suggestions on the strategy I should use when she's here? I'm a bit concerned that using any seduction tactic on th first few days might result in awkward consequences later...also, as her birthday is coming up, I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for gifts that seem thoughtful but not try hard ( as in buying her with expensive gifts)?

Thank you all for reading this long post. Sorry if this is not too easy to read....just got off work at late night, so my thoughts aren't very organized, any suggestions are very welcome.