So there is a HB 10 in my class, first i wasn't interested in her but at her birthday we made out (since then i became obssesed with her and that was in february)she had a bf then,she broke up and now has another,and well i was drunk one day and almost told her that i liked her then she knew...i didn't do any moves on her actualy she was doing them on me.She knows that i like her but she likes to fark with people around(she makes jokes and sh1t) every time i sit next to her in class she is always bugging me hitting me(we always start fighting when we sit near to eachother,she is hitting me and i hit her back),we neg eachother a lot, she wrote on the table me(B) + her(A) and rubbed my leg for 20 minutes in class.In a week we are going to a field trip with the class(and we planed to get wasted,all of us,)she will defenitly get wasted because she is a party girl,and i plan to fark her,or more, but i need some help with how to do that.O btw i never showed her that im needy or disparate .She only knows that i like her.