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    Default whats the proper way to kino escalate

    Hey guys,

    Been reading everything and realized that I suck when it comes to Kino. Its a simple handshake to begin with, maybe a light touch on her back, but after that im lost. Is a certain roadmap for this or light touching for longer periods of time? Need help guys!

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    Default Re: whats the proper way to kino escalate

    1st date or first time you meet gentle touches to the hand, arm or leg, especially when making a point in conversation or being funny. Girls will usually also be Kino'ing back. Can escalate it towards holding her hands - grab her hands to 'admire' her nails, or 'neg' them if she bites her nails or something. Legs rubbing into each other under the table. Leaning or bumping into each other while walking or standing. Try escalate it so you have your hand around her waist or back and then you can subtly massage or stroke her back. If she is cool with that (caresses) you can move to sweep her hair back and whisper something in her ear. Kiss her a little while close or make a stronger kiss close a bit later. Also try things like grab her hand to lead her off somewhere 'hey let's go over here' grab her hand and hold it like you are already dating. If you can't do that then lead her away with your hand around her lower back and waist. If she has great legs run your hands along them a little and compliment them almost like you hadn't noticed before. Don't be afraid to grab her hand and put it on your leg, don't be afraid to get her to touch your arm muscles 'I've been working out, my arms feel very strong (get her to touch), just wish my belly was as hard haha - but it's a nice soft pillow'. Can also try a dance move if you are somewhere romantic like the beach at night 'dance with me to the sound of a midsummers nights dream'. If she's facing away from you waiting for you to come back from somewhere come from behind and sensually embrace her gently kissing the top of her shoulders, neck and back or hug her with your hands from behind (don't scare her though!). I will often do this in place of a straight kiss close - I will suprise kiss her from behind in her erogenous zones then pull her around to kiss on the lips.

    You don't necessarily have to kino heaps - just enough to let her know your physically interested. Almost always a girl will touch you back in similar ways if she is interested. You also want to do it naturally so sometimes pull back. I love getting close to a girl over conversation and then leaning far back away from her and watching her copy my move. Keep her on her toes. The thing is we all like to be touched in physical ways. It's very affectionate. I love it when a girl is touchy with me - I instantly feel good about myself so I'm sure the reverse is true. So long as you aren't sleazy about it I think they really like gentle touches and it's hitting them on a primal level.

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