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Maybe i'm not receiving as much success as i'd like with women, but I kind of get The Vibe that all of this stuff, the tactics and techniques only work on girls that are intelligent (or maybe i'm just making everything i say too complex).

I'm not sure i like having to be a completely different person, or say things i normally wouldn't say.

I'd be able to get girls before because i'm quiet, introverted, and mysterious, and I'm honestly not sure i can just become an extrovert, or the life of the party in the blink of the eye.

Basically what i'm trying to say is I kind of feel like it's a bit lame to just go up to girls and pick them up, and isn't something i'd normally do because of the way my personality is set up.

I just feel like i want a get girl through who i am, and not changing everything about me.

Can anyone try to change my mind?



Dandylion, I was thinking like that when I first checked out this site. I have been reprogramming my mind(You can say I have been on a path of enlightment. Looking at my life,finding out who I am,improving,questio ning alot of things) about alot of things so naturally I made it too my social game with women. I realized my weakness and I begin to work on improving them. I take alot of this stuff and put my own twist on it. There are some things on here that I am not going to do because it doesn't fit who I am.
For example like being the life of a party. I will never be that guy but I find other ways to get myself noticed. You need to know you who are as a person and know what are you comfortable with doing and saying. There are so many suggestions,ideas and tips on this site, you can find the ones that fit who you are and if not you can just ask.
This site has been a big help to me. My text game has improved by leaps and bounds. My text game feels more natural and more like me now because this site showed how to infuse my personality into texting. I am a very interesting guy, plenty of people have told me that but when I text game was just scripted and boring. My online game, and pickup game have improved. I could go on and on but that would be too much typing lol. I will say I do not use many canned openers when picking up girls. Not because they aren't good but its just not natural for me. I do my own thing because its natural for me.
I dont know if you play fighting games or not but I compare it to though. I goto forums,watch videos about certain characters I like to use but I never try to play the character like they do because it doesn't fit my style. I use certain tips and tricks they do, but my characters have me infused in them. U get what I am saying? I hope I got my point across