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    Default A guide to SNL's...

    Red Baron suggested I post my strategy and the theory behind one of my strongest area's.

    As your journey, you will notice times where you have the girl so hot that you could of went further than securing her phone number and her flaking when you try to set up a day 2. Recognizing this is my strongest area. Sometimes I struggle opening every now and then, or qualifying a girl so she doesn't flake. Here I will offer how I act, mostly a subconscious effort to get to SNL's in bathrooms, cars, and threesomes during the first encounter.

    I have always been a leader, through little league and sports, to group projects in college and school and my professional life. Not an outspoken leader, but one who leads by example. It has helped in my development as women enjoy the presence of a leader and like to follow. Its nature after all. It works the same way with seduction, women want to follow and you to responsible for the outcome, your giving them your presence and sharing in a great moment. It is not a negative thing to pull a girl into a bathroom in a club and enjoy a shared moment. It can be said girls want it more than guys, as they don't do it as much as many men don't take responsible action to lead to the outcome and women have to protect themselves in a rudimentary sense.

    You have to feel it is natural and you do it all the time. That society and social settings do not have an impact on you being a leader. Your there having fun, a woman will comply with a leader and that is having fun, introduce her to new people, laugh, dance, be a positive energy. You don't even have to say much you just act and your body takes over. Lead her by the hand, pull her in to make out. While you do, allow your body to rub up against her, then step away. It will flow smooth.

    Her body wants it, your body wants it. Why let your mind make you hesitate to wonder if its acceptable to let her give you a bj in the bathroom or think if she would. Your doing push/pull tactics utilizing your body, not by words and take responsibility leading. Threesomes occur through these actions more frequently as the girls don't have to worry that its odd they want to see the other girl naked.

    For those who say they want a g/f, that it would be horrible to sleep with a girl and them being g/f material. Your more likely to get into a relationship by sleeping with a girl as fast as possible, if you find they meet what you value in a partner. It makes D2 and further less awkward and really built a level of comfort naturally. Just make sure you treat her as a woman, she will respect you.

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    Default Re: A guide to SNL's...

    Great post, I'm realizing I have a lot more success--and fun, memorable experiences--when "I just go with it and make it happen" instead of letting loose barrages of canned materials.
    Substance. Finesse.


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